Friday, February 24, 2012

Profiles in Badassery: Boudica

Boudicca has fascinated me ever since I heard about her, being a Queen in an age where men held power and resisting the overwhelming Roman army's conquest of Britain. Her name apparently means "victory."

Let us kick some ass!

Basically, Boudicca was the Queen of the Iceni tribe in what is today the U.K. After her husband's death in battle and the brutal treatment given to herself and her daughters (we'll leave it at that), as well as the destruction of Druidic temples and the loss of many lives at the hands of the Romans, Boudicca went above and beyond trying to show the Romans that when somone messes with the Iceni, they suffer extreme consequences.

After storing weapons, Boudicca turned the Iceni loose and they completely (and I mean COMPLETELY) destroyed the town of Camulodunum, followed by Londinium, where Boudicca ordered her army to massacre anyone who got in the way, leading to the terrible loss of a number of innocent citizens. Rome responded by massacring the Iceni during a battle with Boudicca, and the situation continued to spiral out of control until the Romans supressed the rebellion. When the Romans marched onward to capture Boudicca and her daughters, they found them dead, having already taken poison and prefering death to captivity.

FUN FACT: Boudicca was said to have blades coming out of her chariot's wheels.

She made sure nobody sideswiped her chariot.

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