Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Really Am Still Alive

Well, hello. Just sending out a brief post to say:

I do indeed still exist and I will keep posting things, thanks to the lovely people who have given me input (and even just visited my blog). I was honestly about to delete this altogether and write off blogging for good.

So thank you all. I will try to have something up this week!

Off to study for an APUSH test..... perhaps I can get an idea from there. Let me know if there is anyone in particular you would like to see on this site! I'm a Brit History nut, so if no one sends an idea in, there may be nothing but George VI vs. Richard the Lionhart or Elizabeth II vs. Elizabeth I on here. :)

And thank you again!



In keeping with the historical theme, Peter II, Emperor of Russia, was born today in 1715. I really know nothing about Russian history, but as a (very late) birthday present to him, may as well put this up.

Hello, handsome.

Happy Birthday, Peter II. You're so amazing that you have your own Facebook account ( even though you've been dead for over 200 years, which automatically makes you my favorite Russian Emperor.