Sunday, August 14, 2011

Queen Victoria vs. Queen Elizabeth I

These two women lived about 250 years apart, and were considered the some of the greatest monarchs of England's history.
It's only natural to question who would win in a fight.

Queen Elizabeth I 
Hand on globe = world domination

  • Fought the Spanish Armada, the great naval power of the 16th century- and won
  • Never married, prefering to keep her crown away from power-hungry men who wanted to take  it from her
  • Possessed the ability to look badass in lace ruffs and puffy sleeves
  • A ginger. Need I say more?
  • Showed the world that a woman can enter a traditionally male-dominated world and actually excel at leading a nation
  • Beloved by the English people
 Queen Victoria
Don't mess with a mother of nine.

  • Successfully steered Great Britain through one of the most tumultous revolutionary periods in  Europe and retained her crown
  • Managed to reverse England's terrible debt after the reigns of her wasteful uncles
  • Gave birth to nine children, all of whom lived to adulthood, without dying
  • Basically the great-something grandmother of every monarch in Europe, having married all of her children into Europe's ruling families
  • Wildly popular with her subjects, who called her "Little Vic"
  • Pretty badass for someone who was barely five feet tall, having survived multiple assassination attempts, some of them with her family sitting right beside her.

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*None of the images are mine. I kinda suck at art.

UPDATE: The winner is Queen Victoria! Sorry, Elizabeth, it was a valiant fight.

Plotting her revenge....